Your boat is a valuable asset that may spend long periods of time unattended and potentially vulnerable. Yacht Sentinel 6 offers you added protection, security and peace of mind – something that’s worth investing in. With the new YS6, being away from your boat is no longer a cause for concern.

YS6 is an intelligent boat monitoring security system that enables you to remotely check your boat’s status through our mobile app or online webapp. It acts like a virtual crew member, keeping an eye on your boat 24/7 and letting you know if there are any problems when you’re away.

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, YS6 offers a wide range of advanced functions, yet it’s also easy to set up and simple to use. Using free worldwide 3G/4G coverage*, YS6 offers an affordable, reliable solution with very low power consumption.

For more information on reduced insurance premiums, click the link below.

* 2 years free 3G/4G coverage worldwide, £50 a year thereafter.

YS6 is a two way communication system that connects our app with the on-board control unit using worldwide 3G/4G coverage (with optional satellite communication).

Remote monitoring

Using our simple, intuitive app you can remotely access data from the control unit on board your boat any time, from wherever you are in the world. This enables you to monitor a wide range of critical information, including position, speed, course, battery voltage and temperature.


You can also set various alarms on your boat, so you receive alerts on your mobile if there are any problems. Some alarm sensors are built in to the central unit (position, battery, tilt, shock and temperature). And with our optional wireless sensors you can add more alarms according to your needs. All sensors communicate with the control unit by using low interference 868/915 MHz band, which has a much greater range than Bluetooth®. See alarms

Yacht Sentinel is designed to offer an affordable, flexible, low power monitoring system for all boat owners, whether sail or power.

It also provides an ideal fleet monitoring solution for boat rental companies, charter firms and marinas. YS6 enables you to easily keep an eye on up to a hundred boats at the same time, under a single account. And, if you want to operate a fleet management team, you can add multiple users to your account and control their level of access, from read only to full admin rights.



$1528 exc. VAT

The recommended package for extra security & peace of mind.

  • Central unit
  • Key fob (3)
  • Motion detection (2)
  • Door (2)
  • Temperature
  • Shore Power
  • High Water
  • Siren
  • Siren mast mount


$1262 exc. VAT

The recommended package if you want to monitor all aspects of your boat.

  • Central unit
  • Key fob (2)
  • Motion detection
  • Door
  • Shore Power
  • High Water
  • Siren
  • Siren mast mount


$664 exc. VAT

Allows you to monitor position, battery, tilt, shock and temperature.

  • Central unit
  • Key fob

Satellite Communication

The Satellite Communication Kit can easily be added to any of the 3 sets described above, so your boat is connected to you anywhere in the world. Its encrypted data and ease of use makes this an affordable solution.

The central unit will continue to use the 3G/4G signal when it is available, but it will automatically switch to the Iridium® network when there’s no 3G/4G signal. The Iridium® network provides data connections over the planet’s entire surface, including across oceans and remote locations.

The Satellite Communication Kit includes the Rockblock + with your desired cable length. Set-up is quick and easy as it only requires you to plug the RJ11 plug into your Yacht Sentinel 6.

The use of encrypted binary data reduces significantly the cost of data, making this option affordable and attractive to most boat owners.

In addition to the cost of the satellite communication kit (£599), the user pays to rent a line (approx. £10/month without contract) and for the cost of data, which is approx. £0.10 per message (alarm or request).

Satellite communication kit

$797 exc. VAT

  • Satellite antenna
  • Connecting cables


Position alarm

Boat drifts outside a defined radius (10 to 200m).


Battery’s power drops below a set level.

High water

Bilge water level reaches a critical point for more than 1 minute.


If a door, hatch or window is opened or forced.

Motion detection

Uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to detect a moving warm body in its field of vision

Shore power

Loss of shore power to your boat.


Internal temperature either rise or falls beyond set level.


Boat hits something - set for mild or severe shock.


Tilt increases beyond set angle.

Item security

Valuable “tagged” assets are taken away from the boat.


Siren will go off if motion detection, door or high water alarms are triggered.

Satellite antenna

Keeps you in contact with your boat in low GPS connection places.


10 years of industry experience

Intel leading edge technology

Free fleet monitoring system

Easily grant access to your boat and monitor up to 100 boats on a single account

Future proof

2G, 3G, 4G communication and over the air update

Exclusive features

Tilt and shock alarms, wireless siren, item security sensor, detailed weather forecast

Intuitive & user-friendly apps

Available on laptops, tablets and iOS/Android phones

Free cellular communication worldwide

Coverage includes more than 140 countries

Affordable & free subscription for 2 years

Price starts at £500 and annual charge is only £50 after 2 years

Easy & quick set-up

True ‘plug and play’ system thanks to wireless sensors

Fits any boat

Low battery consumption(30mA), long range sensor communication

Optional & low-cost satellite communication

Average price is less than 1£/day

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