A company founded in
2008 to solve the problem
of every sailor

Who we are

Founded by passionate boaters back in 2008, Yacht Sentinel Ltd was created with boaters at the heart of our developments. All our products are exclusively designed for the leisure boat market.

We have been constantly improving our products for over a decade, based on our customers’ feedback. We know your needs and we adapt our products to them.

Our proven products have been installed on many boats all around the world; from USA to Australia, across Europe and Asia. We have one objective: to connect you with your boat to make your boating life easier and safer.

We aim to be at the forefront of the ‘Connected Boat’ technology. All our products can easily be retrofitted on any vessel, and Sentinel Point 2 extends this reach to ancillary equipment. They are very well suited for both individual boat owners and fleet managers, and they give OEMs a technological edge to further improve their products and services.

An increasing number of insurance companies endorse our products and offer discount on insurance premiums to our users, which means our products can effectively pay for themselves over time. Check out our insurance page for more information.